The AfCCJ offers a wide-range of services that suit the needs of our members. Feedback from our members is our primary source of information to continuously develop and improve our service and content offerings.


Finding the right partners who will help grow your business can, of course, occur during our networking events.
That said, the AfCCJ can offer you much more.

The Chamber will provide structure to facilitate the formation of:

  • Bilateral partnerships (1 Japanese organization + 1 African organization)
  • Trilateral partnerships (1 Japanese organization + 1 African organization + 1 non-resident* organization)
  • Multilateral partnerships and consortiums (for larger scale projects)
  • Supply chain partnerships (based on member’s supply chain needs)

*non-resident = neither Japanese or African

Furthermore, through our web and mobile portal, our members will be able to:

  • Create an online profile to showcase who they are and what they are looking for;
  • Find or get matched with the most suitable business partners online based on
    their expertise, interests and needs;
  • Crowdsource projects to attract potential partners.
  • Attend or view events from wherever they are.

(new features to expected for 2020)


The AfCCJ will provide and organize several opportunities for members of all sizes to promote investment, business and partnership opportunities in both Africa and Japan.

To account for Africa’s economic diversity, the Chamber will facilitate the promotion of:

  • National opportunities (for single countries)
  • Regional opportunities (for neighboring countries)
  • Sectoral opportunities (based on business areas/industries across Africa)
  • Regional-Sectoral opportunities (sectors in neighboring countries)


Innovation and entrepreneurship are key elements for creating dynamic economies and addressing today’s issues. The AfCCJ intends to set up an Africa-Japan Incubator to foster the advancement of innovative, state-or-the-art projects. The incubator will connect young and creative start-ups with early investors and funding sources, as well as provide a space for community and exchanging ideas.


Flourishing requires a fertile environment. The AfCCJ will be a voice and defender of its members’ common interests and will engage constructively in public debate to help shape and guide the development and implementation of policies that allow businesses to develop sustainably.